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10 low cost ideas for furnishing a terrace

At this time of year the terrace becomes the protagonist of the house. The experts at Habitissimo give us 10 low cost ideas on how to furnish at a low cost.

The importance of an umbrella

If we talk about an open terrace, the shade is undoubtedly the most important ally to spend hours of relaxation in the hottest and sunniest days. During the day it will protect from the sun and at night it will be able to block the humidity.

Furnishing according to a theme

To make a terrace more welcoming it is sometimes better to furnish it following a theme that can give more character to the environment. There is no need to change everything, sometimes a series of accessories such as cushions, tables and carpets with the same colors are enough to give more harmony and a modern style.

Plants here and there

Plants are one of the most important elements in a terrace. There is no need to make large investments, even at low cost, without too many plants but placed in strategic angles you will be able to give new life to the terrace.

Garlands and lights

The magic touch to create an atmosphere on the terrace, whether big or small, even at night, is definitely the light and the garlands. They represent a perfect solution both in terms of budget and final effect.

A wall that is the protagonist

A quick and simple way to give a different touch to the terrace is to make one of the walls the protagonist. For example, by painting it in a different colour or by creating a vertical garden that makes it stand out from the rest.

Terrace curtains

How to make a terrace more welcoming in a few minutes and spending little? Simple, lightweight white curtains are all that is needed to create an extremely comfortable, intimate and eye-catching environment.

Not just plants: a tree at the centre of attention

Who says you can’t have a tree on a terrace? You can even place it in a vase in the middle and make it the absolute protagonist.

Simple as a carpet

Not only for interiors, the carpets are perfect allies also outdoors to create atmosphere and delimit the spaces in a large and open terrace. On the market there are perfect models to resist the sun and the rain.

The relaxation of the hammock

A hammock will not only make all neighbours envious, but will also be able to create moments of extreme relaxation thanks to the oscillating movement. It will also be an exclusive furnishing accessory.

A nice refreshment

No need to have an Olympic-sized pool. A shower outside is the final touch that will make the terrace a real oasis.

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