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5 ideas to give an innovative touch to your house with plasterboard

Gypsum plasterboard, generally known as pladur (a specific trademark), is an industrial sheet of gypsum laminated on the inside with two layers of cardboard on the outside. These boards are lightweight, easy to install, economical and have a wide range of possibilities. Yes, with these panels you can build from partitions to separate rooms to a very large shelving for that wall in which you do not know exactly what to place. Today we show you precisely that, ideas to give an innovative touch to your house with plasterboard. Ideas that will convince you to use this fashionable material.

Bookcases or wall niches

A very widespread use of these plates is that of plasterboard shelves. They are made-to-measure shelves that you can place in any corner of the house, regardless of the measurements or the differences in height (ideal for attic areas). In addition, there are very interesting ways to make this type of shelving. You can create them with a common and traditional look (like any other shelf), or create small niches within thicker plasterboard partition walls, something that remains of the most striking and original.

Headboards with plasterboard

Yes, the plasterboard is so practical that it creates a shelf as well as a bed headboard. The good thing is that if you have large beds will not be a problem, as in the case of shelves, the headboards of pladur adapt without problems to the space and dimensions. In addition, the design can be customized to the extreme. You can place a shelf to put pictures or decorative elements. You could also include side bedside tables (hidden in a hollow part as a niche) or include wiring inside to give light.

Extra storage in high ceilings

The plasterboard, or niches and shelves that can be made with this material, can be placed not only in walls, but also in the upper part of a kitchen. Instead of placing a higher piece of furniture, reserve this space to place plasterboard shelves. You give the kitchen a completely new look and make it much more functional. What’s more, if you leave it open, it can become a decorative shelf in which to place all your preserves or some interesting element that gives a stylistic plus to this kitchen.

Create separations in the same room

You want to create a separation in a room, but you don’t want to build a wall. The pladur is your friend. Yes, it is economical and grateful. Look at examples like the one we present to you. A separation for the shower; and is that you must know that there are plasterboard plates that are resistant to water, so you will not have moisture problems. In addition, there are also plates that are resistant to fire, so you could do it yourself, but integrating a nice and modern fireplace for example in the living room.

False ceiling with plasterboard

Gypsum plasterboards can be used as partition walls inside a house (much cheaper than other solutions). But you can also create different heights in a ceiling. Create sets of volumes with false ceilings that give dynamism to the rooms. Perhaps a false ceiling in which to house indirect light rather than warmth. The options are endless, from the most normal ceilings, with a simple unevenness, to real engineering works, modern, in which each corner of the ceiling has a different volume and height. Make your ceilings gain prominence at home.

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