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7 essential DIY tools

At home, routine maintenance work never seems to end, but it is not necessarily necessary to always turn to a professional, indeed you will be surprised to see how with a small number of tools you will be able to deal with a large number of repair and maintenance work on your own. We see them right away in this guide, let’s get started!

1. Carpenter hammer

The carpenter’s hammer is an excellent tool for general use. It can be used in a variety of situations: from tapping a nail to hanging a painting, to nailing a wooden panel, to lifting a floor or a shelf to knocking down small pieces of furniture that are now gone, or to open your full piggy bank! The pen, that is the part opposite the door, which has a central V-slot, very similar to a claw, can be used to extract nails not beaten well from broken wood or other recycled materials. As with all work tools, I advise you to orient your choice on a quality product so as not to risk the steel splintering the first time you use it; for the handle, choose wood, but if you plan to use it with important stresses, orient it on a rubber handle for comfort and safety.

2. Universal Pliers

The pliers are a very simple tool, but very useful. There are different types and sizes on the market and each has been designed for a specific task, however, because of its simplicity, the most useful pliers in the house are the universal 180 mm (because they lend themselves well to multiple uses and are easy to use even by those with small hands and not strong), with insulating handles for any work on electrical areas. WARNING! I strongly advise you not to use them for the removal of nuts and bolts, as these can be easily damaged by the “toothed jaws” of the clamp during the tightening.

3. Screwdriver set with inserts

A good quality screwdriver set + inserts is an essential element for any toolbox. I recommend a set of 30/34 inserts containing a selection of different sizes with flat head, Phillips and Torx. At our specialized stores throughout Italy and on our e-commerce, you will find a wide assortment suitable for most domestic activities. Also in this case we return to talk about product quality because, if the material with which it was built is not of level, you risk shelling the head of the screw when you go to unscrew and once ruined there will be no screwdriver that can help you!

4. Adjustable needle roller wrench

Why an adjustable wrench? If you stop to examine how many nuts and bolts you have in your house, you will find that from the bathroom to the kitchen, from the living room lights to the furniture, from the boiler to the radiators, you can find many and different formats. A single adjustable wrench can be quickly adapted to any need, providing the same result as a complete kit of conventional wrenches.

5. Retractable blade knife

This type of knife, commonly referred to as a “cutter”, can handle most household cutting tasks: paper, vinyl, carpet, leather, linoleum, electrical wires and many other materials. My advice for this work tool is, as for all cutting tools, to be careful to keep the blade always sharp, because a sharp blade runs well on the work surface. Result? More efficiency and less risk.

6. Level

Do you need to attach a painting to a wall? Are you mounting or repairing a door? Has the shelf in the kitchen collapsed and do you have to reposition it? Do you want to give the bathroom a new look by replacing the old shower cubicle? In all these cases (and in many other situations) you need the help of a levelling device. The most common level is a bubble level, practical and easy to use; it is available on the market in many shapes and sizes. For routine maintenance work, I recommend the 60 cm. aluminium “three bubble” spirit level.

7. Drill screwdriver

If you need to drill a hole, screw or unscrew screws, assemble or disassemble a piece of furniture, usually the easiest and most convenient way is to use a cordless drill. Powered by rechargeable batteries, the drill can be taken anywhere, in the home, in the garden or on the terrace as it does not need a power outlet. The advice is to choose a percussion model (very useful function if you have to drill hard and compact materials) with variable speeds and lithium battery. If the drill that aqcuisti is already equipped with case with kit accessories (tips for wall, iron and wood) well so, otherwise choose a complete set to buy separately.

For any questions and / or suggestions I invite you as always to leave a comment, but if you want to start your purchase visit our e-commerce.

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