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Choose the garage door

Customizable with a variety of accessories and finishes, the garage door – tilting or sectional – is increasingly “made to measure”.

Sectional or overhead? These are the most common types of opening for garage doors.

If space is limited in front of the garage or if the opening is very large, the ideal solution is a sectional door consisting of a door, composed of horizontal sections, which slides upwards on vertical guides and aligns with the garage ceiling. Once opened, the door is completely hidden. There are also sectional doors that slide horizontally. In the up-and-over models, the door is hooked laterally to rails fixed to the wall and opens as a compass raising outwards: once opened, it is parallel to the internal ceiling of the garage, so this type of opening needs more space than the sectional one.

Once you have chosen the type of opening, you can customize the door at will, choosing from many finishes, some of which faithfully reproduce the wood effect or the metal effect, and various colors that are suitable for the facade of the house, so much so that some doors for example are hardly different from the rest of the wall.

Made of sheet steel, steel, aluminium or wood, garage doors, in addition to being equipped with a fall arrest device against accidental closure, must remain in a stable position and withstand wind loads. There are many motorized models, which are also safe and stable.

When choosing a new garage door, you should also be aware of the insulation level, because in doors with a low transmittance value, less heat is lost outside the garage.  

Ballan’s MyFusion garage door adapts to any size of garage thanks to three different structures. It has rounded edges and is equipped with patented automation. The resistance to wind load is in class 3, and also ensures excellent thermal efficiency. The finish can be smooth, embossed stucco and embossed wood. The sandwich panels are individually assembled with thermoplastic joints that allow to thermally insulate the internal facade from the external one. Price on request.

The galvanized frame in special rectangular tubes and the horizontal supports guarantee excellent stability to the Berry Bark garage door by Hörmann. It is available in steel – in classic painting and in two Decograin motifs with wood-like effect – and in natural solid wood, with boards in Nordic or hemlock. The steel models are available with vertical, horizontal, herringbone or large paneled drawers. Those in wood can have profiles in horizontal, vertical, herringbone or diamond shape. It is also possible to insert a window. Two types of motorization can be combined: ProMatic or Supramatic E, both equipped with Bisecur system. Price on request.

The Persus sectional garage door by Breda has a minimal design available in different sizes that can be up to 3.5 meters high and 6 meters wide. It is equipped with an LED light inserted in the engine slide and is combined with the Breda towing motors. The Lock system prevents forcing attempts. Available in various finishes also with special designs. Price on request.

Thanks to the 4 cm guides, the overhead garage door “salvaspettietti” by Officine Locatallows to increase the passage. It is made of galvanized steel, if necessary oven-painted with epoxy powders in RAL color, in both manual and motorized versions. Price on request.

The door for the Invisible tilting garage by De Nardi is perfectly camouflaged with the wall . The standard version reaches a K transmittance value of 1.3 W / m2, which drops to 1.1 W / m2 with the addition of further internal insulation. The external finish is made directly on site on site, according to the characteristics of the building’s facade. The inner lining can be in Okoumè wood or corrugated sheet, painted with different colors of your choice. Price on request.

Freebox by Dierre is a sectional garage door with articulated panels that slide on side and ceiling rails, thus reducing the movement of the door. Available in Linear and Personal versions, it is customizable on request with motorization, windows, recessed handle flush with the door, pedestrian door inside the sectional door and coordinated external pedestrian door panel. There are also different finishes and colors of the panels that can be chosen from all the shades of the RAL scale. Price on request.

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