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Divide to unite: the mission of large sliding doors

Perfect for separating living room and kitchen only when needed, the large sliding doors can also cut out a room in the living room to be dedicated to study (if with window) or to define the entrance area.

To separate two rooms of the house in a clear way, but retaining the possibility, if necessary, of uniting them in a single open space, the solution are the large sliding doors, to be chosen according to the case at full height, with large, single or double doors or even multiple. In the latter case, some panels of the system can also be fixed, reducing the light of the opening a little.

The larger the sliding doors are, the greater the visual continuity they can create when opened. They are ideally placed between the living room and the kitchen, a room that with this kind of solution can be isolated when necessary or incorporated into the living room, becoming a whole with it.

If, for example, the two rooms are adjacent and divided by a partition, it is possible to carve out a new opening to connect them or to enlarge the existing one (changes that require both the presentation of a building practice in the Municipality, as considered extraordinary maintenance), providing the most appropriate type of closure.

The large sliding doors are really very scenic, although it should be considered that – in the case of apartments of small size – it may be useful not to lose a supporting wall for any furniture. In these cases, it is possible to use large but concealed sliding doors, for which the portion of the wall in which the subframe must be installed must necessarily be kept.

If the opening is already there, for large sliding doors outside the wall, there is no need for masonry work, just the fixing of the rails to the ceiling or wall and the profile that hides the system.

Some models of large sliding doors can also be made oversize, customizable, with variable heights.

The glass doors ensure not only maximum opening but also constant ambient brightness: they can be with a transparent finish or even satin or lacquered. The sheets that form the doors are absolutely safe because they are made of tempered or very resistant laminated glass, which in the event of breakage breaks into many small pieces that are not sharp.

When closed, the wooden sliding doors separate the rooms clearly.

When choosing a door, it is also important to bear in mind that the larger the door, the more important it is that the closing is slowed down and cushioned.

Three solutions of the Scenario line by FerreroLegno

Scenario by FerreroLegno is a system of sliding walls, which can also be combined with fixed panels. It is available in four different solutions: VISIO, DELINEO, PREMIUM and LIGNUM – all stylistically characterised by sophisticated minimalism, to adapt to any architectural context.

Visio is the all-glass solution with wall and ceiling sliding system. The tempered glass is of the highest quality and 8 mm thick and is available in 13 finishes – extra-clear, transparent and reflective – and in 5 decorations, which allow you to play with original combinations.

Visio Up is designed to meet the need to hide as many elements as possible from view: the casing is sized to contain both the pliers that hold the sliding glass and the trolley to attach so as not to weigh down the aesthetic design. No visible components, therefore, for an extremely functional model, an expression of a refined and essential style that contributes to making each room unique. Visio Up also allows you to combine both fixed and sliding walls. It is available with a built-in sliding system. You can choose from 18 tempered glass finishes – extra-clear, transparent and reflective – of the highest quality and 8 mm thick, the new Point and Segni decorations and three types of handles: bridge, rod and minimal round.

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