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ECLISSE 40 Collection, the evolution of wall-mounted doors

From an invisible and structural element, for the first time the door frame becomes beauty and design, giving the window and wall a unique presence and expressive force. Emerging from the background, the frame defines the volume of the threshold, closely linking the two environments it separates: a new archetype that allows you to look at the door from a new perspective.

The idea takes its cue from the observation of the past: in ancient buildings the wall at the windows is inclined, widening towards the inside of the room to convey as much light as possible. This technique in architecture is known as splaying.

The ECLISSE 40 Collection is inspired by this technique, anodised aluminium frame that creates a sense of depth, giving the door a unique, rigorous and minimal look, enhancing it like in a frame. The frame emerges from the wall leaving a mark, a trait that becomes a discreet but visible presence that invites you to cross the door. An element that on the one hand defines a splay of 40 degrees, on the other hand the discretion of a door flush with the wall that can be painted and camouflaged as the wall, or finished with wallpaper.

ECLISSE 40 Collection is a product developed by an idea of two young designers from the Marche region: Francesco Valentini and Lorenzo Ponzelli. “Everything was born from the feeling that something was missing in the world of doors. Something that would evolve the very concept of a door flush with the wall or a minimal door. We imagined something that would leave a sign of its presence, an element of decoration. This had to happen not by adding, but by removing matter and from invisible it had to become visible. All this without neglecting the functional and practical aspect: we also wanted to create a protective element for the sharp edges between the wall and the door”.

Technical characteristics of the frame

The frame is made of anodized aluminum, a process that protects the structure and prevents wear and tear of the metal. The treatment gives a greater resistance to weathering, stains and scratches, facilitating the quality and aesthetics of the paint.

Available in the following colours: light bronze, dark bronze and graphite bronze or raw with primer coating, ready for painting. The structure is unique and compatible for both masonry and plasterboard walls.

Door panels and handles

The matching door panels are available in the following finishes: raw with primer base (ready for lacquering or painting), Alkorcell (in the colours white and brushed grey), matt lacquered (all RAL colour samples), wood essence (natural oak, bleached ash, natural ash, white RAL 9010 open pore matt lacquered ash).

The handle 40+uno, inspired by the lines of ECLISSE 40 Collection, is made from a single ingot of solid brass. Also designed by Francesco Valentini and Lorenzo Ponzelli, it is produced exclusively by Mandelli1953 in matt and glossy satin nickel, matt graphite and glossy pearl black finishes.

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