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Serenissima: ceramics as a versatile solution to “build” contemporary design

Transforming an environment and making it welcoming, personal, through elegant contrasts and refined harmonies between materials and colours, is an art that finds a valid ally in the most recent collections of porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles. As versatile as no other surface, ceramics interpret contemporary and trendy materials, such as metal, or classic and traditional materials, such as clay, allowing them to be used in contexts otherwise unthinkable, in the home, outdoors and in public places.

The use of metals in interior design, for furnishing and for covering surfaces, is one of the trends under observation by enthusiasts. The infinite chromatic and finishing variations, the fascinating oxidations and the possibility of combining with any other material make metal a passe-partout of contemporary design, which in its ceramic interpretation becomes capable of embellishing even small environments.

The shades that recall nature are perfect for creating welcoming spaces, dedicated to rest and wellness. The use of porcelain stoneware, moulded to recall the softness typical of freshly cast concrete and declined in neutral colours such as Ivory, Sand and Mud, lends itself to dressing recovered architectures, harmoniously coexisting with furnishings with retro or decidedly minimal lines.

The COSTRUIRE collection by Serenissima is a complete project, in line with the latest design trends, developed by the historic brand of Romani Group to meet the architectural needs of today and tomorrow. In the same container, the material suggestions of METAL and ARGILLA coexist in a refined study of correspondences and chromatic contrasts, thicknesses and modular formats to adapt transversally to all domestic environments and public and commercial spaces.

The use of the most innovative collections of Serenissima guarantees the possibility to dress the interiors and exteriors of the house by laying products aesthetically identical, but technically different. The COSTRUIRE range also includes an interesting solution with a grip surface of R11 and 19 mm thickness, specifically designed for flooring outdoor spaces, even by the pool. The grip surface is in fact designed to reduce the risk of slipping in the presence of water, and the higher thickness allows various laying solutions, even dry.

A fashion that has been established for several seasons, and which does not seem to give way, concerns furnishings and industrial style architecture. Recovered materials, eclectic lines and, above all, the rough and primordial charm of metal, better if oxidised and embossed. COSTRUIRE Metallo di Serenissima, also in the decorative version Strong Mix, becomes a flooring of great visual effect, perfect for surprising guests, even for public and commercial premises.

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