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Why Paint a Wall of Black. 7 Good Reasons Without Being Dark

Inspirations to dare with the darkest painting there is (without regretting it)

Current trends suggest dark-coloured walls and it is increasingly common to come across interior restyling where designers have opted for black surfaces. A “non-colour” colour par excellence, it can add character and value to the space, truly renewing the visual aspect of an interior. 

But beware: a colour as strong as black needs a trained and expert eye that can advise which walls to paint, to avoid later repentance. In the meantime, let’s see some examples from which to draw inspiration.

1. To highlight the architecture

A wall with a double height or an isolated volume, as in the photo, is the ideal surface for daring to use very dark colours.

The black highlights particular architectural details giving the environment a very scenic effect.

2. As a background to enhance paintings and prints

A bit like a large black card on which to glue collage images, the dark wall enhances the gallery wall with a unified background, enhancing colors and shapes. 

As in the solution in the photo, it is better to opt for black in a wall free of furniture: dark color and paintings are enough to characterize the environment.

3. Like a blackboard wall

An effective option for the kitchen environment is blackboard effect painting. Perfect for giving character to a total white kitchen, it gives depth to the space and is a nice idea for those who have children in the house.

4. In the bathroom, strictly black & white

If you dream of renovating your home bathroom with a very strong style, you could opt for black painting. Always pay attention to the size of the room, because black does not lend itself to very small rooms: therefore refrain from toilets and bathrooms mignon.

A clever solution is to decorate in horizontal bands, as in the photo, combining black with white: white at the bottom in fact visually unifies the wall and the bathroom in a single strip of color, for a more rigorous and “clean” space.

5. To frame a window

The principle is the same as in point two, with the difference that in this case black does not underline a painting but a real landscape. If you are lucky enough to have a window with a beautiful view, why not highlight it by playing with a black wall?

6. For the headboard wall

Another example of great effect? The headboard wall painted black. Black gives depth to the space, emphasizes a focal point and when combined with neutral colors and light and natural materials gives a new character to the whole room without cooling it too much.

In both photos, a combination of light black-white-wood has been chosen, which recalls the Scandinavian style and is a solution that will hardly tire you out.

Sometimes it might even be enough just to paint black to decorate the wall headboard, without adding paintings, prints or other: the final effect will be elegant and minimal.

7. Total black

For the bravest: paint all the walls of a room in black. Actually it’s not just about courage, but above all about making some preliminary considerations about the space you’re going to paint black. 

  • First ask yourself if it is an important room or characteristic of the house, so you intend to enhance it with a strong color. 
  • Second, the size of the room: is the room large enough? As already mentioned, it is better to avoid very small spaces. 
  • Third, natural lighting: are there large windows like the one in the picture?

If you answered yes to these three points, total black could be for you.

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